About Majestic Moves

Welcome to the most exciting time of your life!

You’re about to move for the first time into the house and location you’ve always dreamed of. You will be the talk of your family, peer group and new neighbours. And on top of that, you’ll come home every day to the place where life is great. 

Doesn’t quite sound right? 

How about… It’s your seventh move in as many years due to employment changes or the garden is too much to maintain and it’s time to downsize substantially to enjoy retirement. 

The best thing about the role we play in each of our customers next moving experience is there is a story to be told and in our position we genuinely care and love to hear about your journey as people move house for a number of reasons. 

For many, moving is associated with moving to a bigger or better house, purchasing a new home, taking up new educational or work opportunities, moving in with a partner, or having a lifestyle change such as gaining greater independence. For others, moving may be associated with relationship breakdown, family conflict or being given notice by their landlord.

As parents of a young family ourselves, the owners of Majestic Moves set upon a journey of providing an unmatched moving experience for families and businesses within Victoria. With a combined experience that spans over 30 years in both the Real Estate and Moving industry not to mention our own story with several pit stops along the road it has enabled us to both understand and manage the relocation process for our clients with ease. 

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we take the time to meet and formulate the ideal strategy for each of our clients, as no two moves are the same. We strive to exceed expectations with clear communication, as we value repeat and referral clientele with our business geared around hard work, trust, honesty, friendship and family. 

And so while you want the process to go without a hitch, at Majestic Moves we want the same! Our strong values, commitment to excellent service, along with well-trained and friendly staff are the reason so many entrust their valuable belongings in our capable hands.

What to expect from your move

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